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WACHA is a nonprofit 501(C)(6), membership-based organization which provides financial and business communities with electronic payments education and information. PAR/WACHA is recognized among the industry as a primary resource for questions, training and expertise for all payment needs.  PAR/WACHA supports not only with ACH payments, but Check, Card and Wire. Knowledge of all payment systems is critical in today’s environment as payments continue to converge and evolve. Let us assist you today, we’re here to help.

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Cat Kit

The Corporate Account Takeover (CAT) Kit will help your financial institution and business customers build a comprehensive defense system against cyber crime. The CAT Kit includes tools specifically for your financial institution and customizable tools for you to provide to your business customers.  - Click here for details Corporate Account Takeover (CAT) Kit


The Mark of Excellence

WACHA, is a direct member of the National ACH Association (NACHA), a specially recognized and licensed provider of ACH education, publications and support. WACHA is also directly engaged in the NACHA rulemaking process and the Accredited ACH Professional program. Look for the Mark of Excellence, it's our promise of truth and consistency.Nacha Direct

Latest News

2015 Rule Book Pre Orders

WACHA is now accepting orders for additional copies of the 2015 NACHA Operating Rules, or the Corporate version of the 2015 NACHA Operating Rules. Pre Orders are estimated to ship mid-February of 2015. Order yours today!

2015 ACH Rule Changes

Also See Supplement #2

This session is a must in order to avoid unnecessary rules violations, customer dissatisfaction and financial losses due to non-compliance with the ACH rules. We will take a look at all the NACHA Operating Rules changes and updates including the nine recently passed ballots.

PAR’s Compliance Services

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The NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines require that you conduct an ACH audit each year. Additionally, the rules require that your Third-Party Senders conduct their own audits each year.

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Upcoming Events

 November 2014 
December 3, 2014

Getting Up to Speed on Moving Payments Faster

Webinar Presented By NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association & the Regional Payments Associations

December 9, 2014

What Business Did You Say You’re In Again?

Getting to KYC and KYCC in 3 Simple Steps

Free Webinar - hosted by Argos Risk

December 10, 2014

2015 Rules Changes

NACHA Rule Changes


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