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Third Party Training Bundle


A total of 4 Short Clips

Third Parties are the talk of the town and have become highly regulated in both the private and public sectors, but do you really understand what the talk is all about? 

This series of short courses will identify each type of third-party and define the actions each performs in the ACH network.  The series will also look at third party rules, audit requirements, risk management practices along with the agreement requirements. 

  • Identifying Third Parties
  • Third Party Rules and Risks
  • Third Party Agreements
  • Third Party Scenarios

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Payments Peer Group

Payments Peer Group

PAR/WACHA’s new Payments Peer Group program is designed to encourage information sharing and industry knowledge amongst your peers. We have found that our Members can benefit greatly from the collective experience of our Member Base. The questions can range from operational procedures and fraud prevention methods, to uses of common third party applications. To get started, Click here!  

The Mark of Excellence

WACHA, is a direct member of the National ACH Association (NACHA), a specially recognized and licensed provider of ACH education, publications and support. WACHA is also directly engaged in the NACHA rulemaking process and the Accredited ACH Professional program. Look for the Mark of Excellence, it's our promise of truth and consistency.

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FFIEC to Banks: Brace for Extortion Cyber Attacks

The FFIEC issued a statement last week warning banks of the increasing frequency and severity of cyber attacks involving extortion. Cyber criminals are using ransomware, distributed denial of service and other methods to extort payment from victims. The statement described how financial institutions should respond to these attacks. Read more...

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The Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam

The scam succeeds by compromising legitimate business e-mail accounts through social engineering or computer intrusion techniques. Businesses of all sizes are targeted, and the fraud is proliferating. The Business Email Compromise has already cost 7,000 businesses over $750 million, according to the FBI's August 2015 alert. It has grown by 270% in just 7 months, and that's just the cases that have been reported. Learn more from Guardian Analytics

2015 NACHA Operating Rules -Supplement #2-2015

-Now Available for Members Only-

This supplement provides ACH Network participants with a summary of the key components of the changes, along with details regarding the technical changes to the Rules language.

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December 8, 2015

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December 9, 2015

2016 ACH Rule Changes

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December 15, 2015

Auditing your Originators & Third Party Senders

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