Macha has professionally-trained staff with over 75 years of experience to assist you with all your payments questions and concerns or provide you with a wide range of compliance services. Please feel free to contact anyone on the Macha staff at any time regarding your needs. Use the following specific information regarding who to call for assistance - or send us an email at

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Mary Gilmeister, AAP, NCP

President and CEO

(262) 345-1245 ext. 2300


Andy Barlow, AAP, NCP

Executive Vice President

(262) 345-1245 ext. 2100


Michele Barlow, AAP, APRP, NCP

Senior Vice President

(262) 345-1245 ext. 2900

Marybeth Mezewski

Senior Vice President

(410) 859-0090 ext. 1005


Cheryl Becker, AAP

Assistant Vice President

(262) 345-1245 ext. 2400


Nicole Ambort-Cram, AAP, APRP

Director of Audit

262) 345-1245 ext. 2700


Trish D. Conte

Director of Membership

(410) 859-0090 ext. 1004


Alaina Ackley, AAP, APRP, CAMS, NCP

Assistant Director of Audit

(262) 345-1245


Cymantha Adkins

Assistant Director of Marketing

(410) 859-0090 ext 1003


Jessica Lelii, AAP, APRP

Director of Education

(262) 345-1245 ext 1002


Kari Kronberg, AAP, APRP, NCP

Director of Education

(262) 345-1245 ext 2200


Sherry Meisenheimer

Director of Administrative Services

(262) 345-1245