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Robust ACH Network Growth Continues in Fourth Quarter; Same Day ACH Volume Marks a Milestone

ACH Network volume saw its biggest quarterly growth in more than a decade during the fourth quarter of 2018. Same Day ACH payments also passed a significant milestone. More than 5.9 billion ACH payments were made in the final quarter of last year: 3.5 billion debits and 2.4 billion credits. That’s up 8.7 percent from the same time in 2017, and is the highest quarterly growth rate in 11 years.

NACHA Releases ACH Operations Bulletin #1-2019

Indemnification Agreement for Use by Financial Institutions in Requesting Return of Funds from ACH Transaction

NACHA is publishing the attached forms, entitled “Indemnification Agreement – Request for Return of Funds from ACH Entry” (“Indemnification Agreement”), for use by financial institutions in certain situations in which an ODFI requests the return of funds from an ACH transaction, and the RDFI desires to receive a written indemnification in addition to the indemnification contained in the NACHA Operating Rules. NACHA encourages financial institutions to become familiar with this agreement and consider the situations in which to use it, as the use of a standard form is expected to reduce delays and costs associated with negotiating the terms of agreements between financial institutions.

Join Our Team as an Auditor!

PAR-Payment Advisory Resource and WACHA-The Premier Payment Resource are looking for an individual to join our team as an Auditor. We are a membership organization for financial institutions and companies and provide support and services on payments.

Federal Reserve Board approves final amendments to simplify Regulation J and to make it conform more closely with Regulation CC

The amendments [to Regulation J] align the rights and obligations of parties, including the Federal Reserve Banks, with the Board's 2017 amendments to Regulation CC, which reflected the evolution of the nation's check collection system from one that is largely paper-based to one that is virtually all electronic. The amendments also clarify and simplify provisions of Regulation J, remove obsolete provisions, and improve consistency between Regulation J and Regulation CC. Finally, the amendments clarify that electronically-created items (check-like items created in electronic form that never existed in paper form) are not "items" that the Reserve Banks are authorized to handle under Regulation J.

NACHA Voting Membership Approves Nine Ballots

Same Day ACH Will Be Enhanced to Meet ACH End-User Needs

New NACHA rules will expand access to Same Day ACH, increase the per-transaction dollar limit, and speed funds availability for Same Day and Next-Day ACH.

Follow These Four Best Practices on Electronic Agreements from Adams and Reese LLP

The Federal Reserve Banks Introduce New Check Adjustment Options Resulting from the New Indemnities Defined in Regulation CC Amendments

Join the Team! Two Employment Opportunities Available at PAR/WACHA

Auditor/Trainer & Member Service Positions

FinCEN Allows 90-Day Exception from the Beneficial Ownership Rule

“FinCEN grants an exception to covered financial institutions for 90 days, up to and including August 9, 2018, from the Beneficial Ownership Rule’s requirements to identify and verify beneficial ownership information for rollover or renewal of certain financial products and services (i.e., CD and loan accounts) that were established before May 11, 2016.”

PacPay's 2018 Members Meeting & Scholarship Opportunities

PacPay Members, Submit Your Scholarship Entry by May 11, 2018

Announcing PAR/WACHA's NEW Corporate Member & Sponsorship Program

Providing practical and needed solutions to our Financial Institution members and their corporate customers and members

Look to Your Experts for APRP Training

Congratulations to our Education Specialist and Auditor, Laura Nelson, for passing the APRP exam!

FFIEC Releases New Cybersecurity Tool

In light of the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) developed the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool to help institutions identify their risks and determine their cybersecurity preparedness.