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Originator Training Bundle

ACH Origination Curriculum

One of the top ACH audit findings in the lack of education for the Originators. This bundle of eight short modules will give your originators a basic understanding of the ACH Rules and their responsibilities to the ACH network. You can offer all or choose just a few of these short modules for your originators according to their specific needs. Originators can view these online modules at their convenience 24/7. All you have to do is complete a registration form for each originator, provide them online access instructions, and they can be on their way. 

This bundle includes the following (10-15) modules:

  • Originator 101—General overview of ACH origination
  • Authorization for the PPD & CCD Standard Entry Class Codes
  • Authorization for the ARC, BOC, POP & RCK Standard Entry Class Codes
  • Authorization for the WEB & TEL Standard Entry Class Codes
  • Prenotification Entries for Originators
  • Notification of Change Entries for Originators
  • Returns for Originators
  • Reversals for Originators                

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 Special Price of $299 | Non-Members $598

*Includes training for 5 originators ($30 per additional originator)

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