PPD, CIE or WEB Credit: Which Do you Use?

ACH Curriculum

Much confusion has surfaced with the implementation of the WEB Credit rule and how it relates to the external transfers done by your consumer accountholder.  The confusion lies in the new requirement that any entry, in which a consumer authorizes a credit to be sent to another consumer account, needs to be sent as a WEB Credit regardless of authorization.  This type of transfer within your financial institution is commonly set up as a PPD.  This session will walk us through the requirements of PPDs, CIE (consumer to corporate) and WEB Credits and use scenarios to help us understand where and why the different codes need to be use.

You will learn:

  • Differences between PPD, CIE and WEB Credit
  • Authorization requirements
  • Differences between P2P, A2A, B2B
  • Originator/ODFI Rule and Audit Requirements when using theses SEC codes

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