Regulation E In Depth

2 Part Learning Path

This two-part course navigates through the depths of Regulation E and how it relates to the specific payments (e.g., ACH, Card, Wire) rules to help ensure your financial institution’s compliance. Through the course of the webinar, real life examples are provided to demonstrate the regulationin action and provide you with the foundation to apply what you have learned.  Lessen the uncertainty and join us for this in-depth look at Regulation E. 

Part 1: Will cover          Part 2: Will Cover
Key Definitions   Error Resolution requirements
Disclosure and Notice Requirements   Reporting and Investigation Time-frames
Consumer Liability   Consumer Liability vs. FI Liability
Change in Term Requirements   Opt-in/Opt-Out
Stop Payment Requirements   International Remittance Transfer Rule
    Subpart B to Reg E

>> 1.8 AAP Continuing Education Credits (each part)

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