Corporate Account Takeover

Fraud Curriculum

Can you detect a “Corporate Account Takeover”? Do you have the policies and procedures in place to protect your customers? If not, learn best practices for mitigating the threat of corporate account takeovers and how to reduce that loss when identity theft occurs. We will address takeover schemes, strengths and weaknesses of prevention methods, detection tips, and how to respond to a crisis event. 

Attendees will hear a detailed analysis of a real-life corporate account takeover initiated by a keylogger within five minutes of acquiring account information. We will review the crisis as it unfolded, with a minute-by-minute breakdown of the detection and successful response that deterred the attack and averted any loss.

Event topics:

  • Description of account takeover methods including malware and keylogging
  • Protection: out-of-band verification, dual control, device identification, and challenge questions
  • Detection: alarming symptoms and unusual activity on your computer system
  • Response: reviewing options, determining protocol, deciding whether to shut down the system
  • Survivor story: step-by-step breakdown of a real account takeover and the successful outcome

Who should attend:  This session is ideal for ACH Operations & Managers, Compliance staff

>> 1.8 AAP Continuing Education Credits


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