Regulation E Package

3 Part Series, Regulation Curriculum

This 3-part series is only available through April 30, 2020 and includes the following recorded webinars:

Regulation E Overview

This course provides an overview of Regulation E and how it relates to the specific payments (e.g., ACH, Card, Wire) rules. We will walk through the Regulation, hitting the high points to get your financial institution on track to ensure Regulation E compliance. Real life examples are provided to demonstrate the regulation in action and provide you with the foundation to apply what you have learned. Lessen the uncertainty and join us for this look at Regulation E.

Who should attend: This session is ideal for ACH Operations, Branch Personnel, Compliance Officers and AAP Candidates

1.8 AAP & APRP Credits | CTP Credits May Apply

Regulation E for Debit Card

This session will define and explain the types of transactions covered by Regulation E and the requirements pertaining to debit cards for your financial institution. We will define an error according to the regulation along with the timing requirements for investigation and resolution of unauthorized debit card transactions by you, the financial institution. We will discuss what you must do to minimize your financial institution's losses. Topics discussed will include: Liability of the account holder versus the liability of the financial institution, the investigation requirements, provisional credit, required communication and record keeping.

Who should attend: This session is ideal for ACH Operations & Management and Compliance Officers

1.8 AAP & APRP Credits | CTP Credits May Apply

Regulation E Error Resolution vs. the Nacha Operating Rules

How does Regulation E relate to the Nacha rules? Financial institutions are obligated to investigate consumer disputes regarding unauthorized electronic transactions for ACH, ATM and debit card entries under Regulation E within 60 days of transmission of the customer’s account statement. An ACH entry can be returned unauthorized within 60 days of settlement date. What will you do if a consumer claims an ACH entry is unauthorized beyond the ACH Rules 60 days? This webinar will ease your confusion and define your obligations to adjust consumer "unauthorized" entries under Nacha rule provisions or Regulation E. Real case studies will guide you through which rule to follow.

Who Should Attend:  Suitable for ACH Operations, AAP Candidates, ACH Auditors, Risk Management Personnel

1.8 AAP & APRP Credits | CTP Credits May Apply

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